How To Check Your CPU Temperature?

How To Check Your CPU Temperature?: To keep an electronic device in good condition, such as a computer, it’s important that we know how to check the CPU temperature, as this way we can avoid risks in which certain fundamental parts of this system could be damaged. Here are some of the most effective methods for determining the ideal temperature of a CPU and the most dangerous hot spot for its functional integrity.

CPU temperature range

CPU temperature range

We must keep in mind that the tools to know this are varied, but if you are not a computer technician, there is no problem, this guide is for you anyway.

CPU temperature monitor windows 10

Temperature of CPU

The CPU temperature

Before addressing the issue of how to check the CPU temperature, it’s essential that we know how a correct control of these electronic accessories temperature is important for the integrity of a machine such as a laptop or desktop computer, since this kind of electronic devices must have a sufficiently effective functional life in a long term.

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All electronic or digital products have nodes, capacitors, regulators, among other elements that ensure the proper functioning of the device, making use of electrical waves that generate heat, and being elements that consume a considerable amount of energy, must be kept at a regular temperature.

This should be a priority when you want to know how to monitor the CPU temperature, since elements such as capacitors, controllers, etc. They are very fragile at high temperatures, and can operate inefficiently to the point of being damaged, which in the long run can put other parts of the system at risk.

CPU temperature gadget

CPU temperature gadget

Here is the tow Methods to Check Your CPU Temperature:

Some methods that we can mention on how to verify the CPU temperature, are:

  • 1. Windows BIOS: When you turn on your computer, press the setup key where you can access the Windows BIOS menu (this key is usually (F2, F10, F12 or Del). Navigate to the Interface Monitor option, where you will find information about the CPU status, including current processor temperature, cooling system speed, etc.
  • 2. Use of Software: In the network we can find a wide variety of programs that serve to show us certain characteristics of the computer that are difficult or impossible to access through traditional means. Programs like SpeedFan are an example of this, being a software in which we will be able to verify the temperatures of certain parts of the computer, among them the CPU.
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best CPU temp monitor

best CPU temp monitor

Ideal Temperature

It’s important to make regular maintenance to our computer, not only from the software area, but also from the hardware. Maintaining a ventilation system within this system is vital for our equipment to function properly, as it will perform better in the long run.

The maximum temperature that the components of a computer can assimilate is between 80º or 90ºC, any higher temperature can put at risk the physical integrity of the CPU, and in some cases our own life. A properly ventilated system can be maintained at a regular temperature of about 40 or 60ºC, which is the ideal pattern to work with.

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