How To Check Computer Specifications?

How To Check Computer Specifications?: Do you want to know how much RAM your computer has or what processor it uses? For this, you must consult its specifications. It is available in one form or another in the three major operating systems: Windows, macOS and Linux. We explain how to access the technical features.

how to check computer specs windows 10

how to check computer specs windows 10

What are the specifications for?

One of the advantages of a computer, especially if it is a PC, is that you can exchange your pieces. This does not happen on Mac, game consoles or other technological devices, although it never hurts to know what they equip inside. The specifications of a computer can be seen in the three dominant operating systems.

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The RAM you have, what processor your computer has or what graphic card you are equipped with is data you need to know. To check the technical characteristics of your computer, follow a few simple steps.

These tricks are especially useful if you are going to reinstall the operating system, because of the gigas of RAM you depend on the ability of your PC to run a 32-bit or 64-bit OS. It is also especially advisable to see the specifications of your computer if you are going to play a demanding game. Your processor or your graphics card may not be compatible.

Below we explain how to see the amount of RAM and other features of your PC in Windows, Mac and Linux.

how to check computer specs windows 8

how to check computer specs windows 8

See specifications in Windows 10

In Windows, the features of the computer have always been within reach, at least the amount of RAM and the type of processor. To check both data, click on the Start menu, then on Settings and once there, on System. Inside you will find several options. You have to go directly to About.

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In this section, you can see the name of the team -and change it-, the compilation of the operating system, the processor and its configuration or what version of Windows you have installed, if 32 or 64 bits.
If you want to see the graphics card you have installed, enter “Run” in the Windows search box. In this application, type “dxdiag” to open the Directx diagnostic tool, where you can see the details about video and sound of the components of your computer.

how to check computer specs using CMD

how to check computer specs using CMD

See RAM and processor on Mac

On iMac and MacBook computers, consulting the specifications could not be more comfortable. Go to the upper left corner and click on the icon of the apple. In the drop-down menu, select “About this Mac.”
The pop-up window that opens below contains everything you need to know about the components of your Mac, such as graphics, RAM and the processor. It is difficult to replace parts in the Mac, at least much more than in PC, and also more expensive. However, it’s worth knowing what equipment you have.

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how to check laptop specs windows 7

how to check laptop specs windows 7

Check technical features of a Linux computer

Most Linux distros allow you to check the specifications of your computer graphically. It can also be done from the terminal, but it is much more convenient to use the Adjustments.

For example, to do it from Ubuntu you have to access the System Settings. It is the equivalent in Linux to the Windows Control Panel. In the lower area, select Details. A new window will open in which you can check everything about your computer.

Hope, you have found the information mentioned in this article useful.

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